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Emtrain provides an array of Consultation services to meet the needs of its clients. These vary from supplying in-house expertise, to assisting businesses and agencies with individual training and development. We provide advice and preparation of reports on aspects of fire and community safety within our scope of experience and qualification. 

Bushfire Planning

School Application

Expert Guidance

Fire reports for residents living in a Bushfire Prone Area or Bushfire Management Overlay:

  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL Assessment) 

  • Bushfire Management Statement (BMS Report) 

  • Bushfire Management Plans (BMP)

Community Safety

Community Safety.JPG

The Path to Success

Community safety is about building strength and resilience in our communities. Everyone has the right to feel safe. Through client and stakeholder engagement and consultation, Emtrain is able to help you better understand your risk environment.  

We can assist in developing plans and programs to meet the needs of a safe, resilient community. 

Workforce Development

Workforce Development.jpg

A Comprehensive Approach

Workforce development is not just about training in new skills, it often involves managing change, especially with the introduction of new materials, system processes, and technology. Planning for change and adapting to new and emerging challenges before they impact your business is where Emtrain can assist. 

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